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Le problème c'est que c'est

Le problème c'est que c'est un combat d'arrière garde (SOAP XML vs  REST JSON JavaScript):

"Yes, twelve years after the birth of JSON, five years after the release of the ESRI REST API and its embedded JSON syntax, and five years after the release of GeoJSON 1.0, OGC is still has no entry in the JSON space. Between Esri and GeoJSON, the utility of JSON in web mapping applications has been roundly proven. In the ESRI arena, find me anyone who willingly uses the SOAP API these days while the adoption of support for GeoJSON across the open-source GIS world speaks volumes. The industry has voted with its feet and its code as to what it prefers.

There’s probably a lively discussion to be had about where JSON should fit into OGC’s priorities. What is clear, however, is that Javascript and JSON are driving the web at large and the web-mapping space in the geospatial market. With no official stance of any kind in this area, it becomes increasingly difficult to take OGC seriously in matters of the modern web".

de OGC Abandons the Web


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