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GIS and Augmented Reality : State of the Art and Issues

TitreGIS and Augmented Reality : State of the Art and Issues
Type de publicationBook Chapter
Nouvelles publications2011
AuteursHugues, Olivier, Jean-Marc Cieutat, and Pascal Guitton
éditerFurht, Borko
TitreHandbook of Augmented Reality
Année de publicationSpringer
Mots clésAugmented reality, GIS, handbook

In this chapter we propose a joint exploration of Geographic Information System (GIS) and Augmented Reality (AR). Thanks to some factors, we will detail hereafter, these two domains have greatly converged in recent years further to certain factors which we shall detail hereafter. We then outline applications combining GIS and a display technique using AR in order to identify the scientific issues, as well as the functional and technical issues. Starting from this extensive state of the art of existing work, we propose a new functional classification, before concluding with different perspectives.