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Validating Meteosat-derived surface solar irradiance in Mozambique

TitreValidating Meteosat-derived surface solar irradiance in Mozambique
Type de publicationConference Paper
Nouvelles publications2011
AuteursBlanc, Philippe, Benoît Gschwind, Mireille Lefevre, Fabien Wald, and Lucien Wald
Nom du type30th Symposium of the European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories
Année de publication2011
Mots clésAfrica, equatorial climate, Earth observation, Essential Climate Variable, GMES, radiation, remote sensing, satellite

he solar radiation reaching the ground level on horizontal surfaces is of interest to many domains. The database HelioClim-1 contains daily values of radiation for 21 years: 1985-2005. It has been derived from Meteosat images and covers Europe, Africa and Atlantic Ocean. It is compared to ground-based measurements in Mozambique collected from the World Radiation Data Center. The quality of HelioClim-1 is good: the root mean square difference is approximately 30 W/m², and the correlation coefficient is greater than 0.85. These results are similar to those obtained by previous studies for Europe. HelioClim-1 is freely available through the SoDa Service and offers a reliable and accurate knowledge of the solar radiation and its daily, seasonal and annual variations over recent years.