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Spatial data quality and beyond

TitreSpatial data quality and beyond
Type de publicationJournal Article
Nouvelles publications2012
AuteursLi, Deren, Jingxiong Zhang, and Huayi Wu
JournalInternational Journal of Geographical Information Science
Pagination2277 - 2290
Année de publication2012

Issues of accuracy, uncertainty, and spatial data quality have been on the top of most GIScience research agendas around the world from the late 1980s. Ever since then, growing research efforts have been directed toward uncertainty characterization in spatial information, analysis, and applications, aiming for better understanding of spatial uncertainty and thus improved methods and techniques for assessing and managing data quality. Impressive progress has been made in various issues concerning data quality. In addition, growing research on extensions to the conventional norms of data quality, such as the quality aspects of geospatial information services, has been observed. Chinese researchers have contributed to this great cause by keeping abreast with the developments abroad and striving for their own innovative work. This paper reviews the past research on data quality-related issues and provides a perspective on future developments. These will be seen not only in continued research on theoretical and technical issues concerning data quality, but also in developments of tools for quality assessment and decision-making under uncertainty through geospatial information processing and applications.