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PIRANDELLO an integrated transport and land-use model for the Paris area

TitrePIRANDELLO an integrated transport and land-use model for the Paris area
Type de publicationMiscellaneous
Nouvelles publications2008
AuteursDelons, Jean, Nicolas Coulombel, and Fabien Leurent
Mots clésforecast, land-use planning, land-use transport interaction, Paris metropolitan area, urban model

The PIRANDELLO model, currently under development by Cofiroute, is among the first significant French attempts to develop an operational land-use transport interaction (LUTI) model. It provides an easily understandable but theoretically sturdy framework to analyze and communicate on transportation and land-use policies. Based on the linkage of a transportation with an urban model, the project benefits from Cofiroute's experience as regards the transportation model, to focus on the development of an efficient and innovative urban model. PIRANDELLO aims at improving the representation of the housing market, and providing easily communicable results. The former point involves a detailed representation of the structure of households' residential choices. The latter is achieved thanks to a simple but efficient decomposition of the utility function into housing comfort and accessibility of the location. The goal of the paper is twofold: · From a theoretical point of view, to improve the representation of the housing market and thereby address the skepticism of many French decision-makers relating to the ability of LUTI models to represent its specificities. · Secondly, to underline the relevance of this project relatively to the current situation of the Paris metropolitan area, which calls for major land-use and transportation policies in front of the structural lack of housing supply and transportation issues. We notably present the potentialities of PIRANDELLO through a first calibration for this region, and application to the case of an urban toll.