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Flood risk mapping in Europe, experiences and best practices

TitreFlood risk mapping in Europe, experiences and best practices
Type de publicationJournal Article
Nouvelles publications2009
AuteursVan Alphen, J., F. Martini, R. Loat, R. Slomp, and R. Passchier
JournalJournal of Flood Risk Management
Pagination285 - 292
Année de publication2009
Mots clésEurope, flood, mapping, risk assessment

Within the context of the European Flood Risk Management Directive, adopted in 2007, the European countries are required to prepare flood hazard and flood risk maps before 2014. The Exchange Circle on Flood Mapping (EXCIMAP) has made an inventory of flood mapping practices in Europe. This inventory has resulted in a ‘Handbook on Good Practices for flood mapping in Europe’ and an ‘Atlas of Flood maps containing examples from 19 European countries, Japan and USA’. This paper highlights the main conclusions of the EXCIMAP Handbook and Atlas, regarding the most appropriate ways to present flood-related information. Distinction is made between different types of use and users, such as land-use planning, emergency planning, flood risk management, reinsurance and the general public. Many countries disseminate flood maps (mainly flood extent maps) and flood hazard maps (depth or depth–velocity combinations) already via Internet. Many European rivers are part of transboundary water systems. Therefore, uniform approaches in flood (risk) assessments, map legend and presentation are urgently needed.