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First Results for 3D Image Segmentation with Topological Map

TitreFirst Results for 3D Image Segmentation with Topological Map
Type de publicationBook Chapter
Nouvelles publications2008
AuteursDupas, Alexandre, and Guillaume Damiand
éditerCoeurjolly, David, Isabelle Sivignon, Laure Tougne, and Florent Dupont
TitreDiscrete Geometry for Computer Imagery
Series TitleLecture Notes in Computer Science
Pagination507 - 518
Année de publicationSpringer Berlin Heidelberg
Numéro978-3-540-79125-6, 978-3-540-79126-3
Mots clés3D Image segmentation, Algorithm Analysis and Problem Complexity, Combinatorial maps, Computer Graphics, Discrete Mathematics in Computer Science, Image Processing and Computer Vision, Intervoxel boundaries, Pattern Recognition, Simulation and Modeling, Topological model

This paper presents the first segmentation operation defined within the 3D topological map framework. Firstly we show how a traditional segmentation algorithm, found in the literature, can be transposed on a 3D image represented by a topological map. We show the consistency of the results despite of the modifications made to the segmentation algorithm and we study the complexity of the operation. Lastly, we present some experimental results made on 3D medical images. These results show the process duration of this method and validate the interest to use 3D topological map in the context of image processing.