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Core concepts of spatial information for transdisciplinary research

TitreCore concepts of spatial information for transdisciplinary research
Type de publicationJournal Article
Nouvelles publications2012
AuteursKuhn, Werner
JournalInternational Journal of Geographical Information Science
Pagination2267 - 2276
Année de publication2012

Geographic information science is emerging from its niche ‘behind the systems’, getting ready to contribute to transdisciplinary research. To succeed, a conceptual consensus across multiple disciplines on what spatial information is and how it can be used is needed. This article proposes a set of 10 core concepts of spatial information, intended to be meaningful to scientists who are not specialists of spatial information: location, neighbourhood, field, object, network, event, granularity, accuracy, meaning, and value. Each proposed concept is briefly characterized, demonstrating the need to map between their different disciplinary uses.